“… You know when you get to a place and you say … that beautiful energy that is … this is my place. And ‘everything went from there, from having sensed a magical place for me. “

Our origins

You find yourself in a place by chance and feel vibrations going through your entire body: that was how our story at La Cerreta began.  We left our home and jobs and came to live here. Then the need to share this energy became so strong that we decided to build small facilities to accommodate our friends. The fields, vegetable gardens and animals became our “job”. When we needed drinking water for the animals, we began digging in search of it.  And we found thermal spring water.  It was as though Nature was telling us what to do: offer its marvellous gift to everyone.

Our philosophy

La Cerreta is not simply a vacation on a holiday farm, but a lifestyle. It means freeing yourself from the hustle and bustle, from tv and internet, from meetings and ringing phones to rediscover the tranquility and inspiration offered by Nature. It is a reinvigorating experience in simplicity: stone farmhouses surrounded by green woods, products from the land served at the table and moments of serenity and silence for you to enjoy.